Membership in the Gordon Setter Club

Membership Application (PDF)

The Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc. is a non-profit group of approximately 700 members. All GSCA members subscribe to GSCA’s Code of Ethics. Membership is open to all interested Gordon fanciers. We are always interested in new members, and we invite you to join us at our annual events.

Included with your membership is GSCA’s newsletter the Gordon Setter News, published 8 times each year. The Gordon Setter News keeps you informed of activities sponsored by GSCA, including specialties, obedience, agility and field trials and hunting tests. It covers health news, rescue activities, legislative news affecting pet owners and breeders, and special events of interest to Gordon Setter owners.

News articles celebrate the achievements of Gordon Setters in various pursuits, including therapy work, flyball and some of the newer activities now open to Gordons such as coursing and barn hunting. It also carries stories about the special bond between humans and their Gordon Setter companions. A paper newsletter is mailed to all members in the U.S. as a membership benefit. All members have access to the digital version as well, which can be downloaded from our website and Non-US members must opt for the digital version or pay an additional fee to cover mailing costs if they choose to have the paper newsletter.

See Sample Newsletter Below

GSCA publishes a yearly membership list which also includes information on new titleholders, event winners and local rescue contacts. In alternate years, this listing also includes paid advertising with color photos of Gordon Setters. The Membership Handbook (no photos) and Pictorial (photos) are included as a membership benefit.

Annual Membership Dues
Single Adult  $40.00 + $10 enrollment fee  $50.00
Joint (2 adults)  $50.00 + $10 enrollment fee  $60.00
Junior (to age 18)  no enrollment fee  $16.00

If you are a Gordon Setter fancier and would like to become a member of the Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc., please contact our Membership Chair, Dr. Gail Paludi, for an application:

Dr. Gail E. Paludi
3587 E. Washington Road
Washington, NH 03280

Please enjoy this past issue of the GSCA News to see the many things our Gordons can accomplish.

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