Voting for the 2022 National Specialty Breed Judge

Congratulations to the ad hoc Committee of GSCA members who submitted the 2022 National Specialty bid package. Thanks to this committee, we will be holding an ‘affair to remember’ in Grayslake, Illinois, Thursday, June 16 – Saturday, June 18, 2022 in conjunction with the Windy City Cluster dog shows which run from Friday, June 10th to Sunday June 19th. Now it’s time to select the breed judge for our 2022 National Specialty! Please vote via email if at all possible since time is short!

All GSCA members are strongly invited and encouraged to vote on the choice for breed judge for the 2022 National Specialty. The following list of judges was submitted by the 2022 GSCA National Specialty Committee and is presented in alphabetical order. None of the candidates have judged a prior GSCA National Specialty.

  1. Judith Brown, Kingwood,TX
  2. Wayne Cavanaugh, Kalamazoo, MI
  3. James M. Fankhauser, Schoolcraft, MI
  4. Peri Norman, Los Angeles, CA
  5. Joe Purkhiser, San Antonio, TX
  6. Richard J. Quaco, Greeley CO
  7. Robert Robinson , Phoenix, AZ
  8. Linda Robey, High Ridge, MO
  9. Susan St. John Brown, Divide, CO
  10. William Stauder, Buffalo, MN

The membership will vote for up to three judges in a weighted ballot. The first choice shall be weighted three points, second choice weighted two points, and third choice weighted one point.
   Please remove, photocopy, or scan the ballot if you don’t have email capabilities. Vote for your first selection by writing the judge’s name on line 1, your second selection on line 2 and your third selection on line 3. You are not required to vote for more than one judge. If responding via email, please list the judges in order of preference.
Ballots should be sent via postal mail or email (preferred) to our Corresponding Secretary:

Kristi Boehm
5010 Fox Hollow Blvd
Spring, TX 77389-3917

   Whether e-mailed or postal mailed, the ballot should indicate the name of the person sending it, so verification of membership in good standing can be completed. The deadline for electronic and postal mailed ballots to be received by the Recording Secretary is October 31 2021.
—Kristi Boehm (TX), Corresponding Secretary

The AKC is pleased to announce that an enhanced DNA test kit will become available July 2021, utilizing a new and improved way of submitting your canine DNA samples to AKC.

Submitting DNA samples is now simpler than ever. The new AKC DNA kits contain a barcode and an activation code, which customers will enter along with their contact and dog information via an online portal ( No more pen and ink paper forms are required and customers will mail their DNA samples directly to AKC’s lab in Lincoln, NE, greatly improving processing turnaround time.

Also, customers will now automatically receive email notifications of sample status, eliminating guesswork and letting customers know the status of their sample as soon as possible. Results and DNA certificates ordered will still be mailed directly to the customer when processing of the sample is complete.

The current non-barcoded AKC DNA test kits (both prepaid and regular $50 kits) will be phased out in July 2021. Any AKC DNA kits purchased prior to the barcoded kit update will still be accepted for processing. The original procedure of mailing the sample, payment and completed forms directly to AKC DNA Operations will still be required for processing these old-style, non-barcoded kits.
For any questions or for more information, contact or call 919-816-3508.

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