Gordon Setter Health and Genetics Committee (H&GC)

Welcome to the Gordon Setter Club of America’s Health and Genetics Committee (H&GC) pages. The information that follows is the effort of a dedicated group of GSCA members in 3 separate subcommittees: RegistryResearch, and Fundraising.

HGC_VennThe Registry is the basis for the H&GC, since it will be used to identify and pinpoint the problems of concern in our breed. Through the use of a voluntary health registry offered by the OFA, GSCA members can confidentially disclose health issues that have affected their Gordon setters in the past as well as those problems that they are currently facing. The data from the registry will be summarized on an ongoing basis and will be used in many different ways, some of which include 1) updating the resources to include problems as they are reported in greater numbers and 2) provide a focus for where our research funds should be allocated, to ensure that actual problems, not perceived issues, are addressed. More information on the Registry program and the Registry on-line survey can be found on the Registry page. Webmaster, Make sure this links to OFA survey http://www.offa.org/Response.php?q=1167

The Research Subcommittee is working very hard to bring educational resources to the GSCA membership. A listing of known problems can be found on the Resource page, which will be expanded as information comes into the Registry. Further, this group has identified research opportunities where Gordon setters with a particular disease or condition can receive state of the art care, many times at reduced rates, and contribute to the understanding of the cause or an improvement in treatment. This is a great opportunity for GSCA members to assist the research community and help ensure a healthier future for our dogs.

Research studies are expensive to conduct, and our Fundraising group will help make sure that the GSCA can expand its sponsorship of Canine Health Foundation (CHF) grants, through the Gordon Setter Donor Advised Fund (DAF). The Fundraising group has set goals and devised strategies for making research a viable reality in the GSCA’s future.

CHIC: (Please note that assignment of a CHIC number only indicates that the dog has had the clearance tests done and the owner has agreed to make the results public. It is in no way a statement that the dog has passed all of the clearances)

CERF: Note that CERF does not provide an online listing of the registry to the general public, but does allow inquiries relating to CERF status of individual dogs: by dog’s name, CERF number, or registration number.

OFA (OFA listing of all Gordon setters)
OFA Stats by breed (search by breed)

PRA Test Kits:

For PRA test kits, please visit the  Animal Health Trust (AHT) http://www.ahtdnatesting.co.uk/ or OFA site. The AHT path for ordering is under CANINE DNA TESTS, and search for Gordon Setters. The OFA (http://www.offa.org/dnatesting/kits.html link) for ordering the test kit are provided under ORDER DNA TESTS, scroll down and click on PRA4. Quick links are provided under the “Forms” section of each page.




CCA (Cerebellar degeneration) test kits can be ordered from North Carolina State University Veterinary Genetics Laboratory using an online form.

You must call or email the lab for the kits; the form for sample submission is available on their site:



Veterinary Genetics Lab, NCSU/CVM, 1060 William Moore Drive RB 228, Raleigh, NC 27607

Tel: 9195133314 (call or email for collection kits) vcgl@lists.ncsu.edu

Please state the following in your e-mail:

Your mailing address.
Number of kits you would like.
Type of test, (which breed), you are requesting, Gordon Setter, Cerebellar Degeneration

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