The Gordon Setter Club of America regularly, through its associated regional organizations, sponsors breed ring specialties, field trials, hunting tests and other activities. The regional organizations also schedule training sessions, matches, and many “for fun” events for their members. This list is by no means inclusive, but provides a sample of available activities. It will be updated as events are reported in the GSCA Newsletter. Any event may be pending AKC and/or GSCA approval.

All events run by GSCA Area Committees and by licensed Gordon Setter specialty clubs require the approval of the GSCA Corresponding Secretary. See the Event Approval Procedures below for submission details.

Please send all paperwork to:
Kristi Boehm
GSCA Corresponding Secretary
5010 Fox Hollow Blvd
Spring, TX 77389-7717

There are three checklist forms:
Conformation and Obedience (pdf)
Performance (Agility and Rally) (pdf)
Field (Hunting Test and Field Trial) (pdf)

Requirements for GSCA Event Committees:
All Event Committee members MUST be Gordon Setter Club of America members in good standing, since these events are GSCA events in the eyes of AKC, and not local club events. In fact, AKC does not even recognize the Area Committee members when communicating about events, and will usually insist on talking to the designated Parent Club person. In the case of the GSCA, that is the Corresponding Secretary.

When an event application is submitted to AKC, they use the database of members in good standing, submitted by the Parent Club, as their official membership list. The time from application for membership to receipt by the relevant AKC department can take a fairly long time, much longer than Area Committees may realize. It is necessary that AKC has the membership list from the Parent Club stating an Event Committee Member or Chair is currently a GSCA member, NOT simply a submission of the application to GSCA.

To expedite this process, Dianne Avery will assist Area Committees in determining if their proposed committee members are GSCA members. When you are preparing your event application, e-mail Dianne ( for assistance in determining if all Committee members, Emergency Response Coordinators, and Chairs are currently members in good standing. She will respond at her earliest convenience, usually within three business days, letting you know if any Area Committee members are NOT GSCA members.

This should hopefully help the Area Committees to determine if that section of the Event Applications is correctly filled out, and will avoid sometimes lengthy delays in the submission of the Application to AKC.

Specialty Shows (send at least 7 months prior to event):


      • Original Application

      • Judge’s Panel Form

      • Special Attraction Forms (if applicable)

      • Disaster and Emergency Plan

      • Check to AKC for $15.00 ($30.00 if obedience is offered)

      • Check payable to Kristi Boehm for flat rate, priority envelope postage; please check for current postage rate

      • Independently licensed clubs need only send a written request for approval. Please see new procedures below.

    The required AKC forms for event approvals can be downloaded from the AKC website (see below). Otherwise contact Kristi Boehm and she’ll mail you the necessary forms.

    Field Trials and Hunting Tests (send at least 4 months before your event):


        • Original Application and one copy for GSCA files

        • Judges Panel Questionnaire Form

        • Disaster and Emergency Plan

        • Check to AKC for $15.00

        • Stamped envelope addressed to AKC

        • Independently licensed clubs need only send a written request for approval. Please see new procedures below.

        • The required AKC forms for event approvals can be downloaded from the AKC website (see below). Otherwise contact Kristi Boehm and she’ll mail you the necessary forms.

      Certificates of Insurance:
      Committees hosting/holding GSCA events are often asked to provide certificates of insurance to clubs, fairgrounds, or other organizations where the events are being held, or to add an additional insured. As these are GSCA sanctioned events, insurance thru the GSCA carrier is appropriate.

      To request a certificate(s), event secretaries must send a request for certificate of insurance to
      Equisure, Inc.
      13790 E Rice Pl Ste 100
      Aurora, CO 80015
      Karen Bogan
      800/752-2472 or 303/614-6961
      Fax: 303/614-6967
      Equisure Insurance Certificate Request Form (pdf format)

      Esquire Insurance Certificate form (Online Entry)

      This link will take you to a PDF of the application form. Scroll to the end of the document to find the “Request for Certificate of Insurance form.”

      When filling out the form, specify the name of the club as “Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.” with the mailing address of 5010 Fox Hollow Blvd. Spring, TX 77389-7717. The contact name is Kristi Boehm, (707) 338-3334. Include a cover letter in which you state you are making this request with my permission. Request a copy of the certificate be sent to you (include your address) and a copy be sent to me at the address above. If you are requesting an additional insured, specify who, name, address, phone, date of event and function, and request a copy of the certificate be sent to the additional insured. For example, you may be adding a wrangler for a FT event.

      Email or call me if you have questions.

      Mollie Williams
      Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc, Treasurer

      New Event Approval Procedures for Independently Licensed Gordon Setter Clubs:
      As soon as the event dates for the year are set, hopefully sometime in January of each year, send the Corresponding Secretary a letter stating the dates, locations and, if known, chair and secretary of each event.
      The Corresponding Secretary will then send a letter to AKC with a Blanket Approval of all the club’s event dates, attached to the original letter asking for event approval as written by the club. A copy of the Corresponding Secretary’s blanket approval letter sent to AKC will also be sent to the club.
      When the paperwork is sent to AKC for each of the club’s events during the year, simply send a copy of the blanket approval letter along with the rest of the paperwork, to remind AKC that approval has previously been granted by GSCA.

      Send copies of premium lists to AKC and each GSCA Officer and Director.
      After your event:
      Send a copy of Judge’s book to Recording Secretary, Rhonda Conrum (the original goes to AKC along with the appropriate recording fee).
      Send a copy of the event results form to the GSCA newsletter editor, Susan Drum, and to the Archives Committee Chair, Nance Skoglund.
      Send Income and Expense Report Form to the GSCA Treasurer, Mollie Williams, within 60 days of your event. (If you need a copy of the Income and Expense Report Form ask the Corresponding Secretary to mail or fax you one.)
      Send a copy of the marked show catalog to Linda Stebbins for purposes of the Review.
      AKC’s fine for late paperwork is $50.00/week!!