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6 2024 National Specialty
7 2024 National Specialty Update
8 The Performance Gordon Setter—Scent Work
10 2023 Annual Awards Reference Guide
14 Undescended Testicles
By Dr. Carmen Battaglia
15 2023 National Championships Overview & Results
21 Cover Story—Lucky
22 Cover Story—Rolex
27 2023 Year End Breed & All-Breed Rankings


Newsletter Staff

Editor: Susan Drum
Agility Placements: Vickee Jones, MN
Annual Awards: Bill Dargay, NC
Canadian News: Alistair Sutherland, ONT
Field Placements: Kerin Elduen, WA
Breed/All Breed/Owner Handled Rankings: Rosanne Schwiegerath, CO

Legislative Liaison: Charles Kushell, CA
Mailing Labels: Dianne Avery, MI
New Titleholders: Donnah Brnger, GA
Obedience/Rally Placements: Vickee Jones, NM
OFA Liaison: Brenda Hayward, MD

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