Hello Members! Did you know that the GSCA will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024? This is a great accomplishment for the GSCA and its members! To celebrate, the 2024 National Specialty Committee is hard at work planning the festivities for next year’s National Specialty for this special anniversary. For those of you who haven’t heard, the National Specialty will be held in Michigan at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds in Marshall, Michigan. Marshall is a historical town with unique architecture. It is located at the crossroads of I-94 and I-69 and is approximately 30 miles east of Kalamazoo and approximately 30 miles west of Jackson. Learn more about Marshall here: https://choosemarshall.com/. Here is the basic information you need to know

 Our first fundraiser is underway just in time for Christmas! Assorted logo-wear with the anniversary logo is available. We have a variety of both short sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirts, crew neck, ¼ zip and hooded fleece, denim shirts, rain coats and base-ball caps. Contact Kathy Black gsca2024treas@gmail.com for order form and payment options. More detailed information to come in the January GSCA newsletter.

- Schedule

Conformation and Obedience, Marshall, Michigan – September 17 -20, 2024
Hunt Test – Highland

Recreation Area, Highland, Michigan, September 21, 2024

- Hotel

The Hampton Inn, Marshall, Michigan is the host hotel for the 2024 National Specialty. It is located off I-94 Exit 110 and is 2.6 miles from the fairgrounds (show site for the specialty). Rates are $139/night with a pet fee of $50 per pet for the stay. As with other hotels, charges will be assessed for any damages to the room. The Hampton offered the best rates in the area. Reservations for the block are scheduled to open December 1, 2023 and expected to close August 29, 2024. Additional blocks can be added as a block is filled.  Reach the host hotel at 269-789-0131. The Group Rate code is GSC.

- Who's Who



  • Breed judge – Wayne Cavanaugh
  • Veteran sweeps judge  –  Suzanne Montgomery (NY)
  • Puppy sweeps judge  –  Debbie Scardina (OH)
  • Obedience and Rally – Del Lunn (Ont)
  • Agility – TBD
  • Hunt test – TBD

Susan Booth (susan@phodog.biz)

Arden Shaw
Specialty Dog Shows
4891 Ballantrae Rd.
Bloomfield, MI 48301-1001
Phone: 248-854-9729
Fax: 248-855-6675
Email: arden@specialtydogshows.com

- Committee

Show Chair Barbara Burns
Event Coordinator Jodi Hurd
Archives Nance Skoglund ; Dianne Avery
Agility Open
Breeders Education Mary Ann Leonard
Catalog Advertising Laura Bedford
Catalog Sales Mary Ann Leonard
Chief Ring Steward  Gordon Chambers
CGC and Trick Dog Diane Dargay
Decorations—Site Selia Tuten 
Exhibitor Gift Bags Matt & Katie Marr
Fast Cat
~Chair Sarah Armstrong
~Secretary Jan Ruggles
~ Logo-wear Mary Grill,Jodi Hurd
~ Silent Auction Mary Duerksen Carol Lybarger 
~ AD Inside Back Catalog Cover Laura Bedford
~ Raffle
  Chair Mary Grill,(GSCA)
  Coordinator (Nodrog) Jan Ruggles
Grounds / Camping Rich Black
Health Clinic Nance Skoglund
Dianne Avery
Hospitality Katie Marr
Hunt Test
Chair Jodi Hurd
Secretary Bea Van Kampen
Judges Education Mick Osman
Obedience and Rally Terri Miles
Publicity Dianne Avery
Ribbons Sarah Armstrong
Total Dog Jodi Hurd
TreasurerKathy Black
Trophies Mary Grill
Vendors Sarah Armstrong
Website Donnah Brnger

- Advertising

 More info to follow.
Contact: Laura Bedford

- Fundraising

We are working with the logo wear vendor to restock items in the smaller sizes that we sold out of or didn’t have available at the Gettysburg national.
A combination order/payment form has been developed to order items outside of various events. Contact Kathy if you need a copy. Feel free to copy and distribute to others who may be interested in placing an order.
Fundraisers are a way of building interest in an event. It also helps with advance payments and deposits that still need to be made. While we expect to hold a silent auction and a raffle during Specialty week, we can do other fundraisers in advance. Do you have a suggestion on a fundraiser? Send suggestions to Jodi to be placed
on the next meeting agenda.
Sarah Armstrong is working on a single color T-Shirt with the 2024 Logo on the front AND for a fee, YOUR kennel name will be added to the list of other Kennel names onto the back of the t-shirt. Stay tuned for further information. Contact: Sarah @ gilnockiegordons@yahoo.com
Mary Grill is working on a “WELCOME WAGON”. Already have items to put into the wagon but looking for more donations to fill it up. Contact: Mary @ krystaless@hotmail.com
Laura Bedford is raffling off a full page AD on the inside back cover of the catalog. More info to follow.
Contact: Laura @ halcyondog@mac.com

2024 Logowear Store

Printable Logowear Order Form

to be added