Health & Genetics Research

The Research Subcommittee of the GSCA H&GC plays a vital role in maintaining the health of our Gordon Setters. By providing resources, education, and research opportunities, the subcommittee is key in improving the health and welfare of the breed.

Currently, the Health Resources page provides basic information about conditions and diseases known to impact our Gordon Setters. The site will be updated at least twice a year with more information and other, less common problems will be added if they become apparent through the Registry program.

As an aid to the membership, a listing of veterinary colleges and research programs has been provided. This should assist in finding experts close to home. It also will allow a rapid review of ongoing studies at specific veterinary colleges.

The GSCA maintains a sample bank with the Van Andel Research Institute (VARI). The link to the sample submission form is in the Health Forms list. This arrangement is unique and the GSCA is only the 3rd parent club to have such an agreement. What makes this setup unique is that the owner has control over 20% of the blood sample and can make arrangements with the VARI to send a portion of the sample to any institution running research applicable to that particular dog. All participation is 100% voluntary and blinded. The GSCA will not know the identity of any contributors, but will have access to samples linked to various health concerns, as indicated on the paperwork at the time of sample submission and updated by the owner.

Special notices of research “Call for Samples” are also provided here to give owner the opportunity to submit samples to current studies.

In December 2004, Margaret R. Slater, DVM, Ph.D., published the following:

Gordon Setter Health Survey: Final Report

Gordon Setter Health Survey: Health Survey Definitions

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