Who’s Who In G.S.C.A.?


Officers & Governors

Rosanne Schwiegerath, CO- President ([email protected])
Barbara Gaffney, CA – Vice-president ([email protected])
Denise Dunham Schiele – Corresponding Secretary ([email protected])
1259 Grace Court, Downers Grove, IL 60516
Mary Ann Leonard, MI – Recording Secretary ([email protected])
Sharon Samelson, CA – Treasurer ([email protected])
Nance Skoglund, MN – AKC Delegate ([email protected])

Governors: Gary Andersen (AZ); Julia Ashley (OH); Kristi Boehm (TX); Rhonda Cornum (KY); Jerry Nelson, WY; Denise Paquette (CA); Laurie Ward, CO; Frank Watters, PA

AKC Gazette Columnist

Carolyn Gold, CA

AKC Gun Dog Championships

Carolyn Gold, CA

AKC Public Education Coordinators

Barbara Gaffney, CA; Nance Skoglund, MN

Agility Advisor

Maureen McLatchy, NH

Archives Committee

Dianne Avery, IN – Chair
Kristi Boehm, TX; Drieke van Giffen, MN; Barbara Gaffney, CA;Babs Koch, MN; Anita Lustenberger, OR; Pat Martin, MN; Colleen O’Brien, PA; Nance Olson Skoglund, MN; Bea VanKampen, MI


Anna Albers, SC – Chair
Kerin Elduen, WA, Field Awards;
Julia Ashley, OH; Agility & Obedience Awards;
Dianne Avery, IN, Junior Awards;
Vickee Jones, NM, Rally Awards;
Anita Lustenberger, OR, Producer Awards

Breeder Education

Sally Gift, AZ, Chair
Bev Andersen, AZ; Barbara Burns, IL; Barb Manson, WI; Peggy Nowak, WI; Denise Paquette, CA; Virginia Radonis, NY

Breeder Referral

Vickee Jones, NM

Condolences & Get Well Wishes

Sharon Samelson, CA

Cover Dogs, National Specialty & National Championships

Dianne Avery, IN

Finance Committee

Sharon Samelson, Chair
Denise Dunham Schiele, IL; Beni Levi, IN; Alison Rosskamp, PA; Nance Skoglund, MN; Laurie Ward, CO

Gordon Setter Club of America Foundation for Health and Rescue

Kerry Scott (MA), Treasurer
Board Members
Wendy Abelman (MA); Kristi Boehm (TX); Pat Boldt (CA); Kathryn Hubbard (IL); Nance Skoglund (MN)

Health & Genetics

Kristi Boehm, TX; Chair
Dr. Anita Aronsson, Sweden; Dianne Avery, IN; Mary Duerksen, MI; Laura Edsberg, NY; Brenda Hayward, MD; Steve Humphrey, VA; Dr. Karen Kennedy, NC, Anita Lustenberger, OR; Mary McLoughlin, DVM, OH; Larry Occhipinti, DVM, OR; Colleen O’Brien, PA; Gail Paludi, NH; Rosanne Schwiegerath, CO

Judges’ Education

Gary Andersen, AZ; Chair
Barbara Burns, IL; Peg DaValt, WI; Barbara Gaffney, CA; Carolyn Gold, CA; Colleen O’Brien, PA;
Mick Osman, MI; Linda Stebbins, NM

Legislative Liaison

Charles Kushell, CA

Mailing Labels & Membership List

Dianne Avery, IN

Membership Outreach

Sharon Hultquist, IN; Chair
Sharon Samelson, CA ex officio
Dianne Avery, IN; Beni Levi, IN; Marcia Perry, CA;

National Agility Standing Committee

Julie Ashley, OH; Chair
Claudia Brydon, PA; John Brydon, PA; Tim Pinneri, OH; Donna Salisbury, OH; Jeff Salisbury, OH

National Field Trial Standing Committee

Dano Morf, IA – Chair
Carolyn Gold, CA – Secretary; Chris Bury, WA – Treasurer
Rhonda Cornum (KY); Matt Czarnecki, CA;  James D’Amico, NJ; ; Pat Sanborn, PA; Nance Skoglund, MN; Dan Voss; Charlie Clock

National Specialty Standing Committee

Barbara Burns, IL; Chair
Julie Ashley, OH; Gordon Chambers, OH; Barbara Gaffney, CA; Chris Kirby, OH; Linda Lantz,,TX; Colleen O’Brien, PA; Alison Rosskamp, PA; Denise Dunham-Schiele, IL;
Rosanne Schwiegerath, CO

National Walking Field Trial Standing Committee

Frank Watters, PA – Chair
Diane Welling, OH – Secretary
Rhonda Cornum, KY; Tim Gootee, OH; Cindy Gootee, OH; Jane Sindel, OH; Jean Webb, OH; Robert Webb, OH;


Susan Drum, Editor –[email protected]

Contributors: Anna Albers, SC; Dianne Avery, IN; Donnah Brnger, ME; Kerin Elduen, WA; Brenda Hayward, MD; Vickee Jones, NM; Charles Kushell, CA:Rosanne Schwiegerath, CO; Alistair Sutherland, ON

Obedience Advisor

Lois Ornat, MN

OFA Liaison

Brenda Hayward, MD

Pointing Breed Advisory

Susan DeSilver, CT

Policies & Procedures Manual

Mary Ann Leonard, MI

Promotional Materials

Linda Stebbins, NM


Dianne Avery, IN; Chair
Laura Bedford, CT; Kristi Boehm, TX; Bill Dargay, NC; Peggy DaValt, WI; Susan DeSilver, CT; Susan Drum, TX; Beni Levi, IN; Don McGraw, OH; Colleen O’Brien, PA; Rosanne Schweigerath, CO; Marcia Perry CA

GSCA Pictorial, 2014-2015

Rosanne Schwiegerath, CO; Editor
Contributors: Dianne Avery, IN; Laura Bedford, CT; Elizabeth Fisher, TX; Beni Levi, IN


Wendy Abelman, MA, Chair
Carla Joyce, GA, Rescue Treasurer
Joan Segal, IL – PetFinder Coordinator
Janet Gomez, WI; Kathy Hubbard, IL; Bonnie Foster, FL

Web Presence

John Szarek, – Chair – [email protected]
Peggy DaValt, WI: Donnah Brnger, ME; Jenny Gibson, TX – [email protected]

Event Committees

2015 National Championships & Field Trial
November 2-8, 2015
Bechtel Ranch, Eureka, Kansas
Dano Morf, IA – Chair
Marianne Morf, IA – Secretary

2016 National Specialty & Companion Events*

May 9-14, 2016
Mahoning County Fairgrounds, Canfield, Ohio
Barbara Burns, IL, Chair

2017 National Specialty & Companion Events*

October 2017
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Nance Skoglund, MN, Chair

*Pending AKC approval

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