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So you’re looking to get yourself or your family a Gordon Setter. If you haven’t done so already, please read through our informational site about Gordons to make sure this is the right breed for you. If you’ve done your homework and you KNOW that a Gordon Setter is the breed you want, then hopefully we can help make that happen. The Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc. provides a couple different resources for individuals or families looking to bring a Gordon into their home:

  • GSCA maintains a Breeder Referral Service that will provide you with contact information for Gordon Setter breeders in your area who may have puppies or adult dogs available.

    New: August 2014 -

  • The Breeder Referral Chairperson is Vickee Jones (NM) . Please contact her directly for the list, updates to the list or with any questions. She will be happy to mail you the information or supply a PDF document by email.

    Contact Vickee at 505.828.3902 or by email.
  • If you’d like a Gordon Setter, but don’t necessarily want to start with a puppy, please consider our Gordon Setter Rescue Program. This program provides homes for Gordons that have been abandoned or given up by previous owners and rescued by regional Gordon Setter Clubs. We try to match rescued dogs with happy, loving homes where they can forget about their previous hardships.

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